OCC PACKING PARTY this Saturday 10/22/22


West Side provides a safe, fun and engaging experience where
your kids will learn about God. They will sing, dance and play as they hear the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.

Journey Kids

Are your kids ready for an adventure?

Join us every Sunday evening at 6 pm while we jump into the Bible

and re-live the stories and events found within!

For More Information Call (870) 807-5269


3:30 pm - 6:50 pm

We bus kids from school to church every Wednesday afternoon. The Children are fed a snack, then they have play time, next they learn a lesson from the Bible and then they work one on one with a volunteer to learn their Bible verses. Finally, to end the night, all the kids get together where they compete for little prizes if they can recite their Bible versus. After a word of prayer, parents come and pick their children up as the buses depart to take the remaining kids home.

For More Information Call (501) 825-7247

- VBS -

June 19th - 23rd

Vacation Bible School!

Bring your kids here so they can  experience God's ridiculous love while having crazy fun!

For More Information Call (501) 825-7247